With most types of bulkheads and ceiling systems it is imperative that the fire source be ascertained before a pertinent system can be designed. In the case of ceilings over fire isolated passageways and stairs, the Ceiling will ideally need to prevent fire from spreading into the passageway / stair rather than contain the fire inside the compartment. The LAF separating construction system offers a ‘two way’ fire rating as is required over fire isolated paths and/or stairs.

LAF separating construction systems can also provide air-tight enclosures for high pressure return air shafts. They are self-supporting and provide protection from fire in either direction. This is a most convenient system when confronted with difficult access situations, such as upgrading walls with restricted access from both sides.

Sacrificial Suspension System

Services required to be attached/suspended from the LAF separating construction system, should be independently supported without reliance on the system itself. Support details should be carefully planned to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

LAF separating construction system is ideal for very high partitions where additional structural members can be installed at the necessary centres to break-up the overall height. In many instances the system has been approved for use in providing separation for fire lift shafts where the available space to install such fire barriers is often scarce.

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