There is a need to protect elastomeric bearing pads from fire as they slow char by fire and can have serious consequences to the structures supported by these elastomeric pads.

LAF has developed a highly cost effective and demountable solution to protect elastomeric bearings in civil or building construction structures against fire. The Vermibloc system solution is fully tested  to comply with ISO 834 and AS 1530-4. 

The Vermibloc system is made up of the following proprietary material elements:

1. Vermitex TH bedding mortar;

2. Vitrave metal extrusion;

3. Expegni expanding seal;

The Vermibloc fire protection system for bearing pads used in civil or building construction uses a prefabricated rectangular fire resistant block placed around the elastomeric pad. This fire protective enclosure does not come into contact with any building components but is capable of bridging the 15mm air gap and providing fire protection for up to 2 hours, through the use of our Expegni intumescent technology.

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