LAF conducts comprehensive fire audits and inspections reporting on passive fire protection products and systems, installation compliance and current code requirements.

Our compliance and certification procedures assists clients and building owners achieve compliance with the annual Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, and AS 1851 inspections. 

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, and AS 1851 all essential fire safety measures in any building premises must be assessed and certified annually. Each year the owner of a building to which an essential fire safety measure is applicable must provide the Local Authority (Council) with an Annual Fire Safety Statement for the building. The Annual Fire Safety Statement for a building must deal with each essential fire safety measure in the building premises and this must be provided within 12 months of the date of the last Annual Fire Safety Statement date.

LAF  inspects, supervises, and on completion certifies, fire and smoke dampers in new, existing and refurbished buildings. Under AS1851, all dampers must be inspected once every five years to prevent failure (environmental, material or usage). LAF also provides visual evidence of the damper being present, the day the inspection took place and that any necessary rectifications have been executed, when and where applicable. As a product manufacturer and /or installer, we rely on a system of Fire Certificates (or Fire Safety Certificate) attached to Certificate of Conformity issued by the CSIRO, Australia’s leading Scientific Research Organization. Clients are assured that our fire resisting construction has been thoroughly and rigorously fire tested, and any Fire Certificates are relevant and valid.

Local and international codes require dampers to be installed (and maintained) in air handling systems so that, in case of a fire emergency, hot products of combustion and smoke are safely conveyed and discharged appropriately from the building, places of refuge, exit access and required exits remain smoke-free at all times. 

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