LAF Group can conduct site audits to achieve compliance with Australian, British and IBC Standards. Our experienced inspectors can examine and certify fire and smoke dampers in new, existing and refurbished buildings according to local Building Codes. We can also provide training services for applicators and onsite supervisors. 

LAF is able to monitor works as they progress ensuring the applicator follows project specific procedures. Some of  these activities may include:

At LAF we ensure that workplace competency requirements and vocational training standards are maintained by requiring our staff to attend trade qualification courses, and become competent in carrying out inspections to: ductwork and riser shafts, steel beams, concrete elements, plenums, separating constructions and fire dampers.

During these inspections, we audit the effectiveness of the following:

LAF staff avail themselves of the latest Endoscope CCTV technology to reduce inspection costs and eliminate where possible any form of destructive testing.