Plumbing services may be categorized as Copper, Cast Iron, Steel, PVC and HDPE. Unfortunately polymer based materials can emit very toxic fumes which can be cause for concern with building designers for the evacuations of occupants.

LAF’s Trimesh® tests have enclosed services such as, PVC, Steel & Copper Pipes, Fire Dampers, Electrical Cable Trays and Air Handling Ductwork. This provides a total solution package for all Passive Fire Protection needs. The assembly when tested to AS 1530.4 and ASTM E119 achieved 4 hours Fire Resistance Level inclusive. 

Vermitex® / Vermiduct® can be sprayed directly over the cables, or over a Trimesh® enclosure. Alternatively a galvanised metal box/duct enclosure constructed around the pipe can provide the right background on which the Vermitex® / Vermiduct® can be sprayed. The Vermitex® / Vermiduct® should be reinforced with one layer of galvanised steel mesh 25 x 25 x 1 mm and secured with CD welded pins combustible Masonry anchors (no plastic inserts).

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